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Residential Acoustical Ceilings

If you are looking for a ceiling contractor who can soundproof the rooms in your home, look no further than Diamondback Interiors, Inc.. Soundproofing isn't just for people who need peace and quiet. It is for people who make a lot of noise. Call us at (250) 485-8805 today!

Are You Fed Up with the Constant Noise? Call a Ceiling Contractor!

As acoustical ceiling contractors, we believe that homeowners such as yourself should be able to enjoy your home without being distracted by the people stomping upstairs.

Instead of wasting time with a second-rate company, contact us. We'll soundproof your ceiling and make sure the finished product is beautiful.

Call us today to schedule your no-obligation consultation!

Noise-Cancelling Ceiling Tiles: Do They Work?

Many refuse to believe that a few ceiling tiles will really keep external noises out of your room or home. The truth is, acoustical ceilings are the real deal. The problem is that not all tiles are created equally.

Every ceiling tile is rated with an NRC to indicate its performance level. If your ceiling tiles are rated below 0.50, they're low performance. If they're rated 0.70 or higher, they're high-performance tiles.

Lower the Volume with Noise-Reducing Drop Ceiling!

For those ceilings that showcase piping, vents, ducts, and other internal mechanisms, drop ceiling is a godsend. A dropped ceiling in a room like this will conceal the building's infrastructure while allowing for easy access when necessary. If you're looking to hide more than pipes and vents, such as building imperfections and damages, then a dropped ceiling will satisfy your needs.

And that's saying nothing of the panels' noise-dampening capabilities. With a dropped ceiling, soundwaves will be absorbed or blocked off. You won't hear what is going on in any room but your own.

Our Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Are Easy On the Ears-And the Eyes

Our endless variety of panels offer more than just noise protection.

As a rule, everything from your refrigerator to your floor tiles should compliment your home décor. Installing factory-style panels in your home would quickly scare away any real family atmosphere and cheer. That's why we make sure our ceiling tiles are both effective and attractive.

Fast Turnarounds with Our Suspended Ceiling Contractor

Every company promises that they'll be out of your hair in no time at all. With us, however, that isn't a promise-it is a guarantee.

In an age where customer satisfaction matters more than ever, we stake our reputation on every single job. Rest assured, when we are in your home we will always work with your best interests at heart, at all times.

Call the Residential Acoustical Ceiling Experts Today!

It is your home; you should be comfortable at all times, not disturbed! To increase the level of comfort in your household for a low cost, call the ceiling contractors at Diamondback Interiors, Inc. today. We can be reached at (250) 485-8805, and we can't wait to hear from you.

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